California Sea Grant Research

Information about ongoing and past research projects is available in several formats.

(1) Program Directory - Short summaries of all ongoing research projects. Past directories are a source of information on completed research.

(2) Project Profiles - One-page lay summaries of select projects organized by year.

(3) Project Completion Reports - Final reports submitted by the researchers. Download the full report or view the abstract from the University of California eScholarship Respository.

(4) Newsroom - News and feature articles written by California Sea Grant.

Aquatic Invasive Species

A collection of news articles, project profiles, and publications on the topic.

Aquatic Safety

Tips for visitors to California beaches.

North Central Coast Marine Protected Areas

Original news release
Project summaries and progress reports.

Ocean Acidification

A July 2010 workshop explored the impacts of ocean acidification on West Coast shellfish.

South Coast Marine Protected Areas

Original news release
Project summaries and progress reports

West Coast Regional Marine Research Plan

In 2007, the Sea Grant programs in Washington, Oregon and California collaborated on a first-of-its-kind effort to assess the long-term marine research and information needs of the entire US West Coast.Safe Oysters

The National Sea Grant Library (NSGL)

The NSGL provides global access to more than 15,000 full-text digital documents through its 40,000 record-searchable publications database. It is the only comprehensive collection of documents from the 33 Sea Grant Programs, and includes oceanography, marine education, aquaculture, fisheries, aquatic nuisance species, coastal hazards, ecosystem-based management, seafood safety, limnology, coastal zone management, marine recreation and law.

Funding recipients: A list of institutions that have received funding from California Sea Grant.