California Sea Grant

Call for Preliminary Proposals 2016

The California Sea Grant College Program is now soliciting preliminary proposals for projects to begin February 1, 2016. Faculty and academic staff from universities and scientists from research institutions throughout California are invited to apply.

California Sea Grant continues to focus on the following integrated themes (or Strategic Focus Areas):

  • Healthy Coastal and Marine Ecosystems
  • Resilient Coastal Communities
  • Safe and Sustainable Seafood Supply

OUR ALTERNATING YEAR POLICY: CA Sea Grant is managing its core research proposals and awards under an "alternating year plan."

(1) For proposals submitted in odd-numbered years (in effect this year, for FY2016 funding consideration), we solicit proposals for “Standard Core Awards” of 1-2-year’s duration at levels of funding up to a maximum of $125,000/year (we expect the “average” award size will be approximately $100,000/year), plus one graduate trainee if requested and justified.

(2) For proposals submitted in even-numbered years (as was true for last year’s call), we solicit requests for comparatively small, 1-year awards.  These smaller awards will be issued as Special Focus Awards (that will be targeted toward specific Strategic Focus Areas identified in that year’s call for proposals).    

CURRENT CALLThis year we are soliciting applications for Standard Core Awards.  Applicants may propose to conduct research falling under any area of relevance to California Sea Grant.  We encourage proposals that would carry out research to address any of our primary goals under one of our three Strategic Focus Areas:

Healthy Coastal and Marine Ecosystems (HCME)

HCME Goal 1:Support research and provide information to conserve, restore and manage coastal and marine ecosystems to ensure their long-term health and productivity

HCME Goal 2:Document the introduction and spread of invasive, non-native plants and animals in estuarine and coastal marine environments, their impacts on the local ecosystem, and help manage established invading populations

HCME Goal 3:Understand and help reduce water and sediment contamination in the coastal and marine environment

HCME Goal 4:Support research to understand the impacts of climate change on coastal and marine species and environments

Resilient Coastal Communities (RCC)

RCC Goal 1: Support communities and stakeholders to sustainably use and effectively manage coastal and marine resources

RCC Goal 2:Work with communities to improve coastal environmental quality

RCC Goal 3:Assist communities in reducing vulnerability to coastal hazards

RCC Goal 4:Work with communities and partners to plan for and adapt to the effects of climate change (including temperature change, sea-level rise, ocean acidification and hypoxia)

Safe and Sustainable Fisheries and Seafood Supply (SSFS)

SSFS Goal 1: Provide information to promote the sustainable use of living coastal and marine resources and associated communities

SSFS Goal 2: Provide science-based information to support a sustainable California aquaculture industry to help meet the growing demand for seafood, and minimize socio-economic and environmental impacts of aquaculture

SSFS Goal 3: Provide technical information to improve production and processing techniques to ensure safe, high-quality and profitable seafood products

Applicants are encouraged to look at the full 2014–2017 Sea Grant Strategic Plans for more information on California Sea Grant and National Sea Grant research priorities, and then focus on the specific issue(s) of interest to them.

California Sea Grant Strategic Plan:

National Sea Grant Strategic Plan:

A potential applicant is welcome to contact California Sea Grant personnel to receive more specific feedback concerning particular research issues.

Preliminary Proposal Submission and Reference Information

Preliminary Proposal Reference Documents
Preliminary Proposal Submission - California Sea Grant Research Proposals
Proposal Processing Schedules
  • February 19, 2015 (5:00 pm Pacific Time) - Pre-proposals due
  • February–April 2015 – Review of pre-proposals
  • Late April, 2015 – Pre-proposal applicants notified of recommendations
  • June 10, 2015 (5:00 pm Pacific time) – Full proposals due
  • June–August 2015 – Peer review and project selection
  • Mid-September 2015 – Notice of funding decisions
  • On/after February 1, 2016 – Projects begin

If you have questions regarding this call for proposals, please contact the Grants Specialist at or (858) 534-7855.