Archives of California Sea Grant News

Spring 2011

Study: Far Fewer Great Whites Sharks than Expected
Coho Salmon Returns Improve on Russian River
NOAA Awards $394,000 to Breed High-Yield Oysters
New Product: Habitat Maps of Humboldt Bay
2011 CA Sea Grant State Fellows Awarded
Sea Slugs: Brilliant Indicators of Climate Change
Tracking the Physics of an Algal Bloom

Winter 2011

A Welcome to Our New Director, James Eckman
Fish Spawning Earlier off California
Evidence of Stronger Upwelling
NOAA Awards $2 Million to Fight Invasives
Black Abalone Thrive in Deep Crevices
Cell Phone Technologies Track Seabirds
Knauss Fellowship Winners

Fall 2010

Funding for 17 New Projects Announced
Forecasting Toxic Algal Blooms
Feeding Fish without the Fishmeal
Beach Wildlife Needs Wrack
Summer Oyster Deaths, Why?
Isaacs Undergraduate Research
NOAA Population Dynamics Fellows
Curbing Pathogen Pollution from Dairies
Data-Poor Fisheries Workshop Proceedings

June 2010

Director Dr. Russell Moll to Retire
$1 Million Awarded to New Research Projects
Baseline Studies of North Central Coast MPAs
Snails Hamper Oyster Restoration
Mercury Entering Coast through Groundwater
Going, Going ... Delta Smelt Update
2010 State Fellows & Knauss Fellows Awarded
Free Reference Book

August/September 2009

Fish Farm Empties Its Ponds to GrowAlgae for Biofuels
Using ‘Tea Bags’ to Test for Toxins
New Video on Tijuana River Pollution
Sport Fishing Hammering Large Male Sheephead
A Limit Detected in Dispersal of Urchin Larvae
Wild Fish Test Negative for Virus Found at Hatchery

June 2009

Septic Tanks Affecting Goastal Water Quality
Red Algae for "Super Abs"
Ghose Shrimp Genetics and Live-Bait Trade
Online Database of Marine Laws
Stop the Spread of Dwarf Eelgrass

April 2009

$1.4 Million Awarded to Six New Research Projects
New Research Projects
Excercise Speeds Fish Growth
Walkable Map at La Jolla Shores
Nature's Beautiful Ocean Instruments
New Quagga and Zebra Mussel Guide

September 2008

New Invasive on Docks
Artificial Reef Construction Underway
Knauss Fellowships
Amazing Grunion
Isaacs Summer Undergraduate Research
Jumping Abalone
Riparian Restoration and Ag Pests

Spring 2008

Tumors in Morro Bay Fish Point to Contaminants
Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria Detected in SoCal Wetlands
3D Animations of Fish Movements in MPAs Underway
Bring That Rockfish Down!
Temperature and Salinity Constrain Mitten Crab Abundance
Mapping Central Valley Bird Habitats with Aerial Laser Surveys
Flightless Sea Duck Died Off Slowly
Two Popular Sport Fishes Have Surprisingly Small Home Ranges

Winter 2008

New Vaccine for Streptococcus iniae
Jumbo Squid Following Low-Oxygen Zone
Curing "Soft" Caviar
State Fellowship Winners
Knauss Fellow at Budget Office

Fall 2007

Binational Monitoring of Thresher Shark Fishing
Disease-Resistant Black Abalone
Unique Cabezon Populations Discovered
CALFED Fellowships Announced

Summer 2007

In Memoriam: Steven A. Berkeley
Identifying Skate Egg Cases
MPA Monitoring Begins
Better, Redder Abalone
Isaacs Undergraduate Researchers

Spring 2007

Sea Grant Legend Retires
Why Are Seabirds Dying?
Tracking Spiny Lobsters
Conserving Rockfish

Winter 2007

Grazing Geese Increase Eelgrass Growth
Bacteria's Role in Toxic Algal Blooms
No End of Problems for White Abalone
2007 Knauss Fellows Announced
Calling All Sea Grant Alumni

Fall 2006

"Popped" Sport Fish Can Survive
New National Sea Grant Director
Researchers Curing Abalone Disease
Stop Aquatic Invaders—Free Bilingual Poster

Summer 2006

How Healthy Is that Marsh?
Sea Lion Foraging Patterns Give Insights on Warming
Lab Fish Celebrate First Birthday
Lands Commission Urges Alternatives to Toxic Hull Paints
Robert J. Price, Ph.D. 1942–2006

Spring 2006

Thresher Shark Tags and Retrieval
Seeking Cause of Seabird Die-offs
Study of Angler's Exposure to Domoic Acid
Food Technologists' Honoree
Sea Grant Fellow Update

Winter 2006

In Search of the Source of Beach Pollution
Environmental Awareness Benefits Sturgeon Farms
Metabolites from Marine Bacteria
Educating Aquarium Owners
Managing Hull Transport of Invasive Species

Fall 2005

California Sea Grant Secures $800,00 for New Research
What Went Wrong? Historic Groundfish Analysis
Building Strong Structures from Fragile Materials
Roger Revelle Perpetual Award
Technologist of the Biennium
State Fellow Update
Rip Currents Awareness

Summer 2005

Bones of Extinct, Flightless Duck Discovered in Central California
2005 Isaacs Scholarship Awarded for Toxic Algal Blooms Study
"Straight Talks" Between Fishers and Scientists
Oceans-21 Act to Strengthen NOAA Funding for Education Programs
New Fisheries Advisor in Northern California
Fisheries Habitat DVD Now Available

Spring 2005

Participate in Strategic Planning
Fourteen New Grants Awarded
New Fisheries Advisors in California
Antifouling DVD Now Available

Winter 2005

Common Synthetic Fragrances Harmful to Marine Life
Drifter Experiment to Study Dispersion in Surf Zone
Aquatic Invasions "Don't Release" Campaign
Seafood Quality Workshops Held
California State Fellows Update
New Online Publications

Summer 2004

New Director of Sea Grant Extension Named
2004 Isaacs Scholarship Awarded for Engineering Innovation
Sniff, Taste, Feel: Sensory Courses for Improving Seafood Quality
Three Californians Win Knauss Fellowships
Former Knauss Fellow Lands Education Job with NOAA
Join the Fold—Sea Grant Extension Recruiting in Fisheries
Publications Search Feature Now Available on Web Site
National Sea Grant Program Launches New Web Site

Spring 2004

Former Sea Grant Trainee at NOAA Research Reserve
Lucky Crab Fisherman Wins $3,000 in Tag Lottery
Sea Grant Extension Publishes Fisheries Newsletter
Extension Program Field Day on Nontoxic Hull Paint

Winter 2004

This Year's Research Awards
New Research Reserve in San Francisco Bay
Report on Ailing Coral Reefs
2004 Ocean Research Conference

Fall 2003

Seismic Testing of Old Navy Pier Shows What Could Happen During "Big One"
Growth Hormone Promotes Fish Growth
Sea Grant a Gatekeeper for New FAO Website
2003 Isaacs Scholarship Awarded
Where Are They Now? Former Sea Grant Fellow Lands Faculty Position at University of Massachusetts

Summer 2003

Dayton Receives Assembly Accolades
An Interview with Harry Scheiber on Fisheries Mangement
Estimating Rates of Human Illness from Water Pollution
Novel Compound Found in Egg Capsules
Sea Grant Fellow Wins New Appointment
Seafood Program Awarded Fisheries Honor

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